Menu Plan Monday #24

    I had my 32nd birthday yesterday, and had lot's of fun celebrating it this past weekend, with family and friends. I made my own birthday cake (which I was proud to do, because I'm not a fan of store bought cakes) and am SO excited to share the recipe with you all this week! It was SO good!

    This week I'm taking my girls to see the Nutcracker Ballet. I can't wait! I grew up watching it every December, but this will be the first time my girls get to see it. I know they're going to love it!
I'm also taking my kids to visit my Grandma Rose on Tuesday. She is 92 years old, and broke her back :(  She is in a care center right now (which breaks my heart) So I'm taking the kiddos to visit her, and bring her a little Christmas treat!


~Kitchen's Closed~
Taking the kids to visit Grandma Rose


~Kitchen's Closed~
Going to see the Nutcracker Ballet!


~Kitchen's Closed~

garlic bread
green salad


Lindsey R said...

Your always doing fun things with your kids!! The Nutcracker reminds me of Grandma Lu!!

Mandy said...

I went to see the Nutcracker as a girl, too. I need to take my girls. I am sure they'd love it.