Menu Plan Monday #18

   I was surprised to receive a few emails, asking what happened to Menu Plan Monday. I truly thought no one noticed I wasn't posting it anymore. Apparently, there's a few of you out there that look forward to the weekly menus, and I think that's awesome. I'll definitely start posting more of them :)

  I love to menu plan, and always will. It's one of those weird, OCD things about me. Sitting down to write out a list about what yummy meals I get to cook all week, makes me happy. Also, it saves us so much money, and prevents us from eating out too much.

  Here's what I'm cooking up this week...

green salad



Crockpot Italian Chicken*
green salad

~Kitchen's Closed~

garlic bread

Beef Stroganoff*


amandak23k said...

I always look forward to your menu plan! What does the * stand for? Is that a new recipe you are trying?

April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

I love to see your menu plans! I usually look for yours when I'm needing ideas for dinner :)

Holly said...

Thanks ladies :) Yes Amanda, the (*)next to the recipe means it's new and not on the blog

Angie's Recipes said...

Such a disorganized person as I am, I don't do menu plans at all, but I enjoy reading yours. Look forward to your taco pizza ;-))

Amber said...

I love your menu planning Monday's, it for sure helps give me ideas and helps me get organized. Thanks!!

The Bennett's said...

I also love the Monday menu plan, so glad you are back to doing them:)

Meagan said...

Hi! Just joined your blog after making some of your recipes I found on Pinterest. I like menu planning, and I love seeing the meals others put together:)