Menu Plan Monday #6

   How is everyones new year so far? Hopefully awesome. Have you been sticking to the 'goals' you made? I am very proud to say that I have. I've been working out and watching my diet. I've lost 2.5 pounds so far! Cool huh :) 

   Having a food blog and loving to cook makes the 'dieting' aspect kind of hard, but I honestly can say that I like the challenge. What has worked for me in the past, and what Im doing now, is major portion control. When I make something that isnt necessarily 'healthy', I will only take a few bites, and then eat a big salad or veggie with it. It makes me feel like I'm not depriving myself.

   Okay, so on with the show. I'm really looking forward to this weeks menu. I'll be cooking a ton. There will be some healthy meals, and not so healthy ones. Here's what they are..

Turkey Burgers*
baked fries*



green salad

~Kitchen's Closed~
(momma needs a break)





Aarthi said...

nice menu

Jennifer said...

The menu sounds good. I really need to try those Shepards Baked Potatoes. Sounds yummy :)

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to ur menus. i like how you even out ur healthy meals to the not-so's. U feed ur family well!

yummychunklet said...

Your turkey burgers sound delicious. I'm sad that already pulled out chicken to defrost for my dinner!

Amy said...

High five to you! I am loving your menu!

Becki Jacobs said...

I love reading your menu plans...those Shepherd's potatoes are going on mine for Thursday - yummy!

Mandy said...

I love it! I've seen all these on your blog and they were amazing then and amazing still. I'm trying to stick with the portion control as well, and today it's been easy but tomorrow's another day.

Marina {Yummy Mummy) said...

Have a great week, Holly. I would love to come over for your veggie pizza balls :)

Andrea Dellit said...

I just found your blog last week from someone who pinned a picture of something on Pinterest. I LOVE your recipe collection. They are the same types of food we love to eat. Delicious, quick, not a million ingredients, and fairly healthy. I was really needing to plan my meals and your yummy posts got me there. This week we have had BBQ Salad - LOVE - and tonight we had your baked taquitos - LOVE. Next one up is shepard baked potatoes. Thanks for taking the time to share your collection with us!