The best concert ever and my weekend in Vegas :)

       Hey guys! I know what your thinking.. where the heck is the food??  I promise you I have an awesome dinner idea for you that I will be posting tonight, but for right now, I wanted to tell you about the amazing concert I went to in Vegas this weekend!

      Now I have been to some great concerts. I started at a very young age going to shows with my friends. The first time I ever went to a concert was when I was 15 years old. It was Face to Face. An awesome punk band that I was obsessed with at the time. If your one of my family members or friends, you know that my favorite music EVER is punk rock. Yes, punk. I love love love me some punk music. Everyone from NOFX to the Sex Pistols from The Ramones to Rancid. I love it all. There are so many people that have told me that they cant stand it. That its 'too loud' or like my old boss Dr.Currivan told me once 'its nervous music'... haha, well sorry folks, but I freakin love it! My favorite punk group of all time is AFI. The two shows Ive been to of theirs have blown my mind, even though the second time I saw them I was 2 months pregnant with Emma. I was so nervous I was going to make my unborn child deaf that I kept walking in and out of the venue to give her growing little ears a break! ha  But it was still a great show!

     This concert Saturday night, was unbelievably great!! I went with two of my sisters, Jaclyn and Lindsey, and my niece Madison. We arrived in Vegas at about 2:00 p.m and had to drop Jaclyns BMW (the spoiled brat) off at the BMW dealership so she could get some work done on it, once that was done, we were off to eat at the Cheesecake Factory! As usual, it was heaven on earth! If you have not eaten there yet, then please do yourself a favor, and the next time your in Vegas go try it! You will die. And then you will call me and thank me for telling you about it. It is a little piece of paradise. Lin and I shared the lettuce wraps and this little tiny pizza thing, called a 'Pizzette'.  We chowed down! It was SO good! Once we ate lunch, it was that critical time to decide on dessert. Yes, I said critical. Ask Lindsey, dessert for us is serious business. We live for it..  yes, we do.  Once we received our dessert menus, we studied them very carefully. I gave in and ended up ordering The Red Velvet Cheesecake. I think the last 3 times we have eaten there Ive got it. I devour it! There are just no words at all to describe how freaking delicious it is! I wish I could come up with my own recipe for it, but then again, maybe not, because I would be a humungous fat pig and Kale would no longer want to be married to me!

    We left Cheesecake Factory and drove over to The Palms, to check into our room. I love The Palms. It is an awesome hotel. It has the club 'RAIN' in it. About 7 years ago I went there with Jac and Deb and we danced our booties off until 5 in the morning! It was so much fun. Anyways.. so we got up to our room and unpacked. We relaxed for a little bit and then decided to go to one of the IMAX theatres that are inside The Palms. We ended up seeing 'HUBBLE' in 3D. It was about the satellite HUBBLE that Nasa launched into space in 1990. It showed some of the most amazing pictures of space. I was speechless watching it. It also made me really emotional. It showed pictures of stars forming and dying. Some of the ones that were forming looked like they were laying in clouds that looked like rainbows..  It made me wonder if thats what heaven looks like. It was really unbelievable to see. It was only a 45 minute movie, so once that was done, we headed back up to the room and started to get all dolled up for the concert!

     At 7:00 p.m. Vegas time, we headed to the Planet Hollywood to go to the show! We were so excited! Vegas was so busy that weekend. It took us forever to get there. Andy ended up dropping us off in the VIP entrance! We had no clue! As we walked toward the doors to go in, Lindsey screams "You guys look! Thats the guy from Lady Antebellum!"  We all turn to look and sure enough, there was Charlie the blonde haired guy that sings in the band walking some lady over to a car! It was really cool to see him in person. He is really tall! We stared in shock for a minute, and then turned around and walked inside.

    The second we walked through the doors, a guy holding arm bands walks up to us and says "Hey ladies, Come to the VIP party tonight after the show! Drinks are free until 4 a.m.!"  As he is telling us this, he is putting thes bands around our wrists! We all kinda looked around at eachother in shock, and just laughed.

     After that, we headed up the stairs toward the PH arena. There were so many people there! We couldnt believe it! We found our seats and sat down! I couldnt wait! I felt like I was dreaming! After what seemed like an eternity, the lights went down, and out came Justin Timberlake! The crowd roared with excitement! He explained that all of the proceeds to the concert were going to be given to Shriners Hospital. They played a video from Shriners that showed all of the sick kids the money would be given to. It made me feel really good. An awesome concert, for an awesome cause!

     The first performance was Selena Gomez. She did a good job. My niece Madison was dying the whole time!! She loves Selena! Then there was T-Pain, Salt N Peppa, Lady Antebellum, Christina Aguilara, P-Diddy ...  They all sang about 4-5 songs each. I danced and danced the whole show! And laughed..  laughed my butt off. Im sure the people sitting behind us wanted to kill us.. but I did not care at all! ha   I was having soo much fun!

     So after all of those amazing performances we saw, then Justin Timberlake comes out on stage with an accoustic guitar and starts to sing some of his most popular songs. It was unbelievable. He has such an amazing voice live! There is nothing worse then going to a concert and hearing them SUCK live... but oh.. not Justin! He sounded so good. Just like he does on one of his CD's. After he sang a few songs,  he had a big announcement. He blew everyone away with the surprise...   He introduced to the stage......   'SIR ELTON JOHN!"    I died!

     They had his red piano on stage and the legend came out and sat down and played some of his all time greatest songs!! I could NOT BELIEVE I was watching Elton John live in concert!! It was surreal...  :)  I was on cloud 9! Wow what a night!

      Well after the show, we got back to the hotel, about 2 a.m and passed out! We woke up pretty early Sunday morning, and went and had a delicious breakfast at 'Mimis Cafe'. My breakfast inspired me for a breakfast post I will be doing very soon! :)

     Like I said before, I have been to a ton of concerts.. but this was the best, so far. On the drive home I started to think back to all the concerts Ive been to and could not compare any of them to that night. I know it has been alot, but Ive never counted or wrote a list of them to see how many Ive really been to...  so here it goes, in no particular order... these are the awesome shows Ive been to:

Face to Face (x2)
Rancid (x3)
AFI  (x2)
Tiger Army
Britney Spears
Skid Row
311 (x2)
Social Distortion (x2)
Bad Religion
Coheed and Cambria
PussyCat Dolls
Backstreet Boys
Lady Antebellum
Christina Aguilara
Selena Gomez
Justin Timberlake
Elton John (still cant believe it )

         These are the ones I can remember right at this moment. I'm sure I am missing some, especially bands that opened up for these shows. I've had so much fun and have such awesome memories of going to these shows with good friends and family. Music is such a huge part of my life.. Its a part of humanity. I think we as humans could not survive without music. I love it so much and am so greatful for the fun times Ive had at concerts... and for the many many more to come :)

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Michael and Lindsey said...

I posted about this too, because it was one of the greatest times ever!
I still can't believe we saw all these performers in one night!
Thanks for all the laughs!