3 Packet Roast

   Here is a perfect idea for an easy and DELICIOUS Sunday dinner! Or any night of the week! I can't get enough of crock-pot meals. I'm so busy with my kids, working, and just the daily grind of life that I love it when I have a simple, yet totally yummy dinner that I just throw in the crockpot and let it do the cooking for me!

   This one is called 3 Packet Roast. All you need is a packet of Brown gravy mix, Italian Seasoning and Ranch dressing mix. It creates the most wonderful and tender roast and a divine gravy. It is a family pleaser for sure!

3 Packet Roast

1 packet of Brown gravy mix
1 packet of Italian Seasoning
1 packet of Ranch dressing mix
1-1/2 cups water
2-3 lb Rump Roast (or your favorite type of roast)

DIRECTIONS:  Place the roast in your crockpot. Dump all of your seasoning packets on top, and then pour your water around the roast. Cook on Low for 10-12 hours or on High for 8-9 hours! ( I like to stir the seasonings and water every few hours as it cooks)

Serve with mashed potatoes and the gravy it will make! YUM!


Michael and Lindsey said...

I loved the 4 pkt one I made, so I bet this was just as good! Love how simple it is!

Mandy said...

Totally making this on Sunday! Yumm...

Anonymous said...

I made this roast today! Normally, I am not a huge fan of pot roast. This roast was delicious! I used the low sodium versions of the packs.It was VERY tender, juicy, and flavorful! No extra spices needed! It was a big hit with my husband too, he loved it! Thanks for these easy and tasty recipe! :)

Anonymous said...

* this easy and tasty recipe

Jeni Golomb said...

I have this in the crockpot right now and it smells SOOOO yummy it is making my stomach growl. Can't wait for dinner tonight!

Jeni Golomb said...

Just had this for dinner-- YUM! The kids ate it up and asked for more. This could not have been easier to make and tastes so delicious. Thanks so much for the recipe. I love this blog. Cinnamon roll pancakes for breakfast on Saturday is next up. :)

Brittany Holman said...

This was absolutely easy & wonderful. I picked up more ingredients to make it again this week. Definitely a keeper! Thank you!